Meadow Farm Hydrotherapy is one of the country's leading rehabilitation centres and was established in 2000. We offer hydrotherapy, a comprehensive range of complimentary therapies, physiotherapy, acupuncture, grooming, microchipping and professional advice for all your pets. We are members of the Canine Hydrotherapy Association.

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Set in beautiful countryside just fifteen minutes from Diss in Norfolk, and twenty minutes from Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, Meadow Farm is a specially designed hydrotherapy centre with an Aquatic Treadmill, fully-equipped grooming room, therapy rooms for a variety of independent qualified and experienced animal based therapists, who offer consultations on site and a wide range of dietary supplements and aids for your pets. There is ample client parking and easy wheelchair access 

Hydrotherapy/Aquatic Treadmill

Our centre is purpose built and houses a Hydrophysio HP 300 Aquatic Treadmill. This is suited to treating dogs of all sizes, it is the largest unit available. 

This is a particularly dog friendly piece of equipment having full glass opening doors at either end, allowing dogs to enter and leave without the need to turn round and being low to the ground they can walk in and out with ease.

Placed centrally in the room we have full visibility through the glass side panels enhancing gait analysis and treatment and owners can stay close to their dogs during treatments. 

All our hydrotherapists are fully qualified, holding certificates in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals and are members of the Canine Hydrotherapy Association.

Grooming and therapy rooms

We have grooming facilities available so that, whatever the weather your dog can have all the benefits of hydrotherapy and still go home dry and comfortable. 

We provide a full grooming service, for both regular hydrotherapy clients and non hydrotherapy clients.

Our therapy rooms are used for initial assessments, puppy and new companion consultations, microchipping and by AcupunctureMcTimoney and Physiotherapy therapists. 

We have client education facilities also and offer regular seminars for our clients covering Veterinary First Aid, Pain Management and many other topics.  

                                                                                              This is Meadow fPet Supplies

We can provide everything you need for your mobility impaired dog, from food and supplements to bedding and behaviour toys.

We stock food especially for dogs with joint conditions, for young developing dogs, also breed specific and size related nutrition.

We hold a wide range of joint supplements and a large range of bedding to suit all breed sizes with mobility problems, including waterproof orthopaedic beds.

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        M               We are members of The Canine Hydrotherapy Association


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