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East Anglian Daily Times, Thursday August 14, 2003

Hydrotherapy helps Tarka recover from vehicle injury. more...>>

McTimoney Article By Peggy Sofley PG Dip.AM.EBW: Genusxpress Spring 2005

The technique, which involves subtle manipulation of joints, can be used on any vertebrae animal. However, back
manipulation on horses appears to be the most established.That may be due to the fact that horses are more exposed to problems, as their musculo-skeletal well being is influenced by many factors. more...>>

Hydrotherapy Case Study by Rachel Watkins: Genusxpress Autumn 2005

Zak was seven months old when he was referred to us by his vets. He was a quiet, gentle and extremely affectionate Labrador who was experiencing problems that were becoming more obvious as he grew. more...>>

McTimoney Article by Peggy Sofley PG Dip.AM. EBW: Spring 2008

Chiropractic has entered the awareness of many, in recent years. For me it was a step into unknown territory and made me aware that there were other alternatives to 'conventional' medicine. more...>>

Certificate in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals: Essay Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

Hip and elbow dysplasia are the two most common joint conditions seen in large breed growing dogs. The structure of the hip and elbow joint are quite different. more...>>

Certificate in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals: Essay Stifle and Patella Disease

The stifle joint is a complex joint in the hind limbs of quadruped animals. It is the equivalent joint to the human knee. more...>>


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