Our dog Tara is a loving and gentle 31/2 year old German Shepherd. We got her from Snetterton Dogs Trust in February 2005, she was 4 ½ months old.

We took her home to meet our year old Rotweiller and looked forward to a long, happy and trouble free life. In July of that year we walked our dogs in our nearby woods and that evening Tara went lame. She was taken straight to our vet who took xrays and then referred us to a specialist vet. Tara was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia she has no socket on one side and very little on the other. We were devastated she was just 8 months old. The specialist however gave us a life line, saying that if we could keep Tara in the best health and fitness we could he could see no reason that she shouldn’t lead a fairly normal life. We were willing to try anything he suggested canine hydrotherapy and we left with a glimmer of hope, Tara could hardly move after her daily walk at this time.

We went straight to our vets who gave us the number of Meadow Farm Hydrotherapy and we rang and booked an appointment. That was in September 2005, Tara started swimming twice a week gradually building up her time in the pool and she went from strength to strength. Every week Roger and Rachel would ask if she had been ok after her last session every week we would say “fine no problem” We couldn’t believe how well she was doing. Every week we were told that she could have a little set back and to be prepared as it wasn’t unusual but she never did.

After 3 months she was jumping up on the sofa, despite us trying to stop, her she was getting stronger and stronger, she started to jump fallen trees in the woods with no ill effects at all.

No one can believe how well she has come on and how bad her hips are. Our vet even gets Tara’s x rays out to show other clients how bad her hips are and how well she is doing now to give them hope for their dogs. She is truly a success story thanks to Roger and Rachel’s hard work and effort.

In February we rescued a 2 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is full of beans and very very quick on her feet and Tara can keep up with her in the woods with no problems. Tara loves her swimming and is especially fond of Roger. She is now swimming once a fortnight and we believe that if we had never found Meadow Farm Hydrotherapy our lovely dog would have very little quality of life.

Tara is a testament to Roger and Rachel’s wonderful caring hard working professional skills and it is with sincere heartfelt thanks that we write this letter.

If your dog has any sprains needs building up after an operation or is diagnosed with something like our dog give hydrotherapy a go and give Meadow Farm a call. They will give you all the help and advice that they can and will treat your dog as if it is their own.

My husband and I are extremely grateful to this couple and thank them from the bottom of our hearts for giving us our dog back, not only do they give the best of care to your dog they give you care and compassion too.

Barbara and Pete Hollands.

Meadow farm 2008

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