Injuries Caused by Daily Activity

Description and Cause

We have all heard of 'repetitive strain injuries', well they can happen to dogs too. Surely you have heard of people who have injured their back by merely picking up a piece of tissue. What is the saying? It was the straw that broke the camels back.

 Daily activities can cause misalignments of any joint. Dogs playing and running into each other, catching a frisbee, running up and down stairs in a not so orderly fashion, running and slipping a leg down a rabbit hole, discovering that the garden fence was just that little too high…….Well who am I telling all this to, you know yourself what your dog is up to (or not), day in and day out.

These misalignments caused by daily activities, on their own, and to start with may not be a big problem. If not corrected, or even multiplied, can put the rest of the body under a lot of strain as it has to function out of balance and normal position. Off  the record, my opinion is that they sometimes can be the initiator for more severe injuries, as the body has to put undue strain on one area, e.g. the knee joint. To believe me is not obligatory but worth consideration, prevention is better than cure.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

You may notice a variety of symptoms, lameness, change in gait, reluctance to get up, jump into the car or unwillingness to work. Some dogs appear withdrawn, cry out when asked to do certain tasks. General stiffness, before or after exercise, which is often excused by the dogs increasing age. Weight gain, due to inactivity. Or just merely a change in behaviour.

There is no by-pass to thorough veterinary examination. X-ray if necessary, will hopefully exclude a major problem. However, misalignments of a joint, are very small, and often not discernable on an x-ray, or considered to be within normal limits.


McTimoney Treatment will help to correct and balance the musulur-skeletal structure. 

Peggy Sofley PG Dip.AM. EBW

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