How will a dog benefit from McTimoney treatment

McTimoney is a gentle, safe and effective treatment to restore musculo-skeletal balance and harmony.
Dogs are under stresses and strains to their muscular-skeletal system in their day to day activities, e. g. jumping, twisting and one-sided activities.

Performance dogs in particular are influenced by additional tasks. Racing greyhounds, for example, are exposed to unique hazards as they race around the track in just one direction and bump into each other whilst doing so. Besides degenerative problems, dogs are subject to various risks while training and working. Jumping huge heights, twisting past obstacles or one sided movements, to mention only a few.

Even though a dog's spine is fairly flexible, and normal movement such as bending and stretching are well tolerated, extreme activities which force the joint to its limit of movement cause the muscle around this joint to tighten in the attempt to correct the problem. In most cases this self-protection of the dog's body will work very well and the joint will realign. However, if the problem is repetitive or the influence is too great, the misalignment will persist and the muscle will go into spasm. Muscle spasm around a spinal joint will keep the joint in a fixed position, causing pain, joint inflammation and even nerve irritation. 

Some of the symptoms your dog may show 

  • A change in posture or gait
  • Unexplained muscle wastage                                                                                              
  • Expressing difficulty jumping                                                                                                        
  • Crying out when getting up or laying down                                                                         
  • Lameness after an accident (when other causes have been ruled out)                                                                      

A reluctance to exercise

This is when an outside influence such as the McTimoney treatment is usually required. McTimoney Animal Manipulation Treatment can improve your dog's health as it will align your animal's skeletal system and in doing so will reinstate nerve function. Bones and joints form a flexible structure designed to provide pain-free movement when in normal health and alignment.

 McTimoney Animal Manipulation is a gentle, effective whole body treatment, in which the practitioner uses their hands only to perform very fast but precise adjustments to the appropriate parts of the dog's spine 

and joints. This will then alleviate pain and muscle spasm and allow the body to restore natural balance and harmony.

The McTimoney Animal Manipulation Treatment works holistically to eliminate the cause, not just to treat the symptoms. The practitioner will ask you some questions about your animal. As the treatment is a whole body treatment the practitioner will then assess your dog, which will include an analysis of both posture and gait. The practitioner will concentrate on signs of unevenness in muscle usage, muscle spasm and postural abnormalities. The aim of the McTimoney Manipulation and treatment will be explained to you. The treatment will not hurt your animal: in fact most dogs thoroughly enjoy it! 

As healing is not an event but a process, your animal needs some time to gradually realign. The dog may appear stiff or tired, or simply feel relief. A period of rest is advisable, usually 24 hours after each treatment


Veterinary Act

The McTimoney practitioner will only work in conjunction with, or after a referral from, the vet in charge
of the animal's care, and when required will send, after the treatment, a full written report .

I’m Peggy Sofley and have been with and around animals all my life. I started riding at the age of 5 and had my first dog when I was 10. As a teenager I had a go at amateur flat racing and eventing. At present I ride and compete my two Arabs, Blossom and Muhaymin. I love Endurance riding and anything to do with the sport, and have competed at Le Trec. The combination of the love for animals and the fascination for the effectiveness of spinal manipulation led me to my career. The idea of being able to give animals the chance to be without pain when performing their daily tasks has given me the inspiration to become an 

Animal Manipulator. I qualified from the McTimoney College for Chiropractic in Abington in 2000. Chiropractic is a protected title, and used in conjunction with human treatment only. Please note, I am not an Animal Chiropractor. The priority of my work will undoubtedly be in the equine field, as horses have a more effective way of making their point clear. Dog owners, however, who care about their animals, have recognised the benefits of the McTimoney Treatment for Animals. 

In a tireless endeavour to find more ways to correct and prevent musculo-skeletal problems, I also hold an advanced qualification in Equine Sports Massage. This very effective treatment approaches a problem from an entirely different angle, however it complements the McTimoney treatment very successfully.

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